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 Sandor Robberts Donnert is a 7th generation circus artist from the English circus family Robberts and famous Hungarian circus-dynasty the Donnerts. Being born and raised in the circus he has great experience in the field of showbusiness. Next to being a  former performer himself Sandor has always been very interessted in the production of shows.

Thats why Sandor created his own Agency in the beginning of 2014, working as a independend artist agent representing a large group of award-winning acts and putting complete shows together.


 He has been using his network for booking act's in shows all over the world and producing entire circus productions in Europe. 


Some of the shows that Sandor Donnert Agency has worked with :

Jupiter Casino, Australia

Kerst Circus Den Haag

Aachen weihnachts circus

Regensburg Weihnacts circus

Hannover Weihnacts Circus
Billy Smarts Circus, Great Britain
Sirkus Finlandia, Finland
Cirkus Olympia, Sweden
Chimelong Group-CHINA
Enschede Circus Festival, The Netherlands
Continental Circus Berlin ice show, Great Britain

Netherlands National Circus, Great Britain

Circus of the Streets, Great Britain

Coliseum du Oporto, Portugal

Offenburg weihnachts circus,Germany

Heilbron Weihnachts circus, Germany

Hungarian Capital Building Circus,Hungary

Enoch Show Production,Denmark

Winter Circus Hilversum,Holland

Albacete international circus Festival,Spain

Festival cirque du Bayeux, France

Kerst circus Ahoy

Winter circus eindoven

Karlsruher Weihnachtscircus

Helmond Sinterklass circus

Magical world of circus








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